Monday, 4 January 2010

Best Odds Guaranteed

We get many emails asking which bookie we prefer to use and why.
We have no problem answering this from our experience, good and bad, with various bookies.

Firstly any bookie (traditional bookmaker rather than exchange) simply must offer best odds guaranteed (BOG) or they aren't competitive in this day and age.
A friend who works in the industry told us that offering best odds guaranteed reduced their net profit margin from 12% to 3% so it shows the difference it makes to their overall figures.

So, what is BOG and who offers it?
Simply put, you take a price and if the SP is bigger you get the SP. If the SP is smaller you yet the price you took so you can't lose.
The theory behind this is that the majority of horses that win shorten up in price but horses on the drift do win. Besides, you have nothing to lose if you are on at BOG.

Yesterdays account bet, Beau Fighter, was available at a best price of 14/1. With some firms as low as 9/1. It drifted out to 16/1 (was 28 on Betfair) and finished 3rd so we were paid out at 16/1. That meant the place paid 4/1 rather than 7/2. Small margins) but all important in the long run. See the post on percentages for more details.

When you see the amount of people in 'the big 3' boomakers shops round town and betting on every race it is simply amazing. (They don't offer BOG in their shops) Its no wonder these bookies win!

Who offers BOG and who do we recommend?
Many online bookies now offer BOG and we recommend three in particular. We won't name names but one BOG bookie closed our account after just five bets so we won't recommend them!

On our website we list our suggested three. Visit and click on the free bets link. Not only do you get BOG with these three bookies but you also get a great signing up bonus with them.
Add to that, if you sign up directly from the link on our website you get two weeks membership for free added. This is valid for new and existing members.

It really is win, win, win!