Thursday, 8 October 2009

Good and bad runs

One of the things people struggle with most in their quest to become a successful gambler is how to deal with good or bad runs.
We often find that people can even class a bad week as a bad run!

Unfortunately, good and bad runs are all part and parcel of betting and anyone who tells you otherwise isn't being totally truthful.

So what should you do?
Well, the first advice is don't get carried away if you are in a good run or a bad run. Stick to your staking plan. People on a good run sometimes get carried away and overstake in the hope for sudden riches. This can work but it can also turn a good run into a bad run in a matter of a few bets.
Similarly, if you are a bad run, don't get downhearted and dramatically reduce your stakes. This is just as difficult because in a bad run confidence can suffer and you may not be able to see where the next winner is coming from.
However, if you completely change your staking plan in a bad run getting the losses back can take a lot longer.

A good example of this is shown in our October results.
Three of our first four bets ran well but didn't win. (The other was awful!) However, we had some very strong news about Commanche Raider on the 6th October and made him our strongest bet of the month. He won, eased down and we were back in profit. If we had been ultra cautious because we were losing and were worried about losing more we would have only played 1pt e/w and have regretted it.

The moral of the story is.
Winning and losing runs are all part of the game. Get a staking plan you are comfortable with and if it works in the long term (we are over 150 points in front this year and almost 300 points last year) stick to it.
Be brave and at the same time, don't get carried away!

Good luck!